Are you spiritually-conscious, yet struggling with life path or health?

Life should be easier than this, right? That nagging back pain, those chronically aching knees, that constant coughing. That empty feeling while your mind races, those inner hurts that seem to have set up permanent camp. That desire to do more, to live a life of passion and purpose, if only you could step out of the current circumstances. What to do? How to do it? Why aren’t there better options?

After all, you know what to do, right? You’ve read the books, attended the seminars, practiced the yoga and T’ai Chi. You meditate, eat the right granola, visualize the life you want, work hard, think positive thoughts… but yet these steps aren’t working for you, despite your best efforts. You’re creative, insightful, intuitive – so why not?

I know first hand what this is like. My back ached from “incurable” degenerative disc disease, and my life, while not at all “bad,” felt flat and passionless. 

Energy HealingI wanted more – and abruptly, I encountered healing that achieved that, and had to learn more. I was also dissatisfied with the common “if you didn’t receive a healing, you just weren’t ready for it” approach.

My career history was as a professional musician, a business writer, a management consultant – I was used to delivering results, and set about investigating *why* these differences existed, and what could be done to ensure success.

The result was Kwan Yin Healing, followed by hundreds of clients whose testimonials reflect the ambitious promise to get unstuck, heal their lives, and live their dreams, taking with them not only personal transformation but also a comprehensive road-map to personal peace.

I invite you to explore your own life path and healing by taking a look around this site and getting your free copy of What you NEED to know BEFORE hiring a Healer.”

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