Kwan Yin Healing: Better Health and Happiness are possible--now

11 Practical Paths to Self-Healing Anyone Can Do – and how to apply them yourself.

Colds, seasonal allergies, pain, headaches, stress – illness can seem an inevitable part of daily life. And what about more serious illness? Are health, vitality, and vibrant longevity really part of the human possibility? Can we really move to better health and happiness?

You’ve probably already learned quite a bit – classes, books, teachers, personal experience, laws like attraction, diet, exercise, meditation . . . and yet, chances are you still suffer from periodic illness and stress, perhaps even chronic conditions no matter what you’ve tried. Where is the magic? What’s the lynch pin? What’s the secret sauce?

So how can we make this work?   Is there really a solution?   And how can we implement it in effective, doable ways, instead of mystically waiting for the Universe to lend a hand?   Can we know how our approaches work?

This online program takes you through 11 approaches anyone can do with no prior training or experience toward better health and happiness now. And it does so in simple, straight-forward, non-mystical and readily replicable ways.

From illness to wellness—you can do this too!

I used to suffer from allergies all summer long. I suffered from elbow, ankle, knee and back pain. My eyesight was 20/200 in my left eye.   I got 4-6 colds a year, and usually a bout of bronchitis once a year.

Today I am pain free, physically active, have 20/20 vision, and go year after year without illness.   I did pursue mystical approaches, including energy healing, but along the way I learned how these various methods fit together, how they are often readily outlined in common, physical terms we can all see and understand.

And you can do this too – starting right from day one.  There is no need to suffer continually or occasionally. In fact, when people have trouble, it’s because they didn’t apply what they learned, not that they couldn’t.

So in this program, we’ll focus on both – what to do, and how to implement it. You will leave the suffering behind and move into better health and happiness.

So what’s in this program?

Just as healing has many different approaches to healing, and self-healing does as well…there’s no “One True Way.”   Which approaches are best for you depends on what you need exactly, what resonates best with you, and where you are on your life’s journey.

So in this program, we cover 11 basics ways of approaching self-healing, covering multiple easy-to-use techniques along the way – things you can use right away, without a lot of extensive training.   This program brings you some of the most common paths to self-healing, along with some of the most overlooked but powerful paths, ones that you can use to heal yourself starting right away, improving your life and your healing literally from the start.

The 11 Paths to Self-Healing we will examine are:

1)  Balancing Energy and the Four Elements of Healing
2)  Simply Breathe – adherence to the basics
3)  Going Deep/Meditation and the Source
4)  Stretching for Flow/hatha yoga basics
5)  Moving Energy/chi gong basics (and a touch of T’ai Chi)
6)  Remembering Health/Belief and the Mind/Visualization/Affirmations
7)  Cell Communities/Root Causes/Quantum Healing “shape shifters”/Healing Partnerships
8)  Toning/primal connections and the ego
9)  Sound Healing
10) Nature and Wilderness Healing
11) A Broader Perspective on Healing for Health/Correspondences/Community

More than just a list, these topics flow into one another, each building on the previous material. By the end of the program:

* you will have a much greater understanding of self-healing and how healing works
* you will have a palette of healing tools you can use at your present level of experience
* you will have a strong basis for moving forward in a number of further directions.

What are the benefits?

WebMD, business people like Bob Proctor, and Taoist teachers all share stories of people who never get sick—and have the case studies to back it up.   You’ll learn how they do it.

You’ll learn the range of conditions you can heal yourself, when to do it, and when to seek outside help.

You’ll learn a host of “anyone can do it” techniques to use and when to use them.

You’ll learn how to implement these approaches in your busy life—and even make your life less busy in the process.

You’ll find where you’re unwittingly holding yourself back, and how to let go.

You’ll learn to generate and move energy, to store and circulate energy, to get in touch with your elemental and higher selves, and do so easily and readily.

You’ll learn balance, versus getting overwhelmed with all the information.

You’ll be able to sense when you’re out of balance and getting sick before it happens, and take steps to prevent illness.

You’ll lead a happier, healthier, more productive, satisfying and vibrant life.

You’ll look more confident, more relaxed, more capable, peaceful, and inviting.

Is this program for you?

This program is going to ask you to invest a little time:

– you’ll have a weekly module to listen to (60-90 minutes).
– you’ll have weekly PDF material to read
(some of this parallels the weekly module, while some of it contains extra material)
– when appropriate for the subject matter, you may have a short video to watch
– you’ll need so set aside daily time to practice what you’re learning

This program will also ask you to make some changes:

– some habits will likely need to change
(you can’t get different results by doing the same things you’re doing now)
– some beliefs and long-held thoughts may need to be examined and re-evaluated
– you’ll need to implement these approaches

And this program requires you enter it with at least the possibility in your mind that perhaps better health and happiness are indeed available now – and you want that.

This program is NOT:

  • we’re not going to lay out diets, the right foods, anything like that
  • we’re not going to talk about what herbs or foods to eat to cure ailments
  • we’re not going to pretend we can cure anything for anyone – that’s not reasonable
  • we’re not going to delve into emotional or mental disorders. These are special challenges that are beyond the scope of this course.
  • This is not a medical program. It’s about balancing our energy, our environment, and our inner selves for a health holistic approach to daily living

What are past participants saying?

“I’ve always resonated with your work, Tim. There’s something about it that has always spoken to me. There is, I believe, great authenticity to your work. And I like your pragmatic approach–even though it’s energy work. There’s a matter-of-fact-ness about it but yet an openness that I’ve always found very refreshing. So I was very excited that you were offering this class I think it’s great. I think there’s just incredible gems in it for people. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been in the healing world, that kind of atmosphere, for 25 years. But I have to tell you that in listening to the program and going through it for myself—I really benefited from it. It’s well done.”
~ Malinda Zarate, Hot springs village, Arkansas

“What most people think, when they first start exploring energy healing, is that it’s something done to you by someone else, someone with a rare and special power. What Tim Emerson makes clear in ‘11 Paths to Self-Healing’ is that all healing is self-healing, and that we all–each and every one of us without exception–have the power and ability to heal from within by altering our own energy field. What I appreciate most about Tim Emerson is that he comes from a place of integrity and compassion, offering the tools we can all use to heal and change from within, so that we are not dependent on help from the outside. Tim is a wonderful healer and teacher and I highly recommend his ‘11 Paths to Self-Healing’ to anyone interested in working towards healing their own physical and energetic being.”
~ Bonnie Boots, St. Petersburg, FL

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I am finding the stretching and toning techniques particularly helpful in alleviating pain and stiffness in my knees and hips. My doctors need to take your class instead of searching for more meds to prescribe! Definitely going to suggest it!! Thank you!!”
~ Cynthia Gillen, Brandon, Florida

“My wife had referred me to your website a few months ago, and your introductory videos struck familiar and comfortable chords. You kindly made the course available at a very reasonable price – thank you – so it was a no-brainer to sign up. It is a great ‘survey course,’ and I will recommend it to friends who simply want a good introduction to healing work of any kind. For us, there was a fair amount of familiar territory, but also some new interesting directions to explore. Your reflective analyses are great review and contemplation, and your supplementary references are good leads for further exploration. Your practice of providing PDFs with the core material, the recordings, and the videos was perfect for us. The balancing exercises, thorough coverage of breathing, and the several simple introductory physical exercises provide a base that virtually anyone can squeeze into their daily routine – even me. I have in fact been doing so since the course finished a month ago, with good effect. And for the first time in several decades, I have found myself maintaining a daily meditation practice. It’s not glitzy, and the considerable depth as well as breadth of your experience are pragmatically applied in the course, as in all of your additional presentations on line. Thank you sincerely for sharing your wisdom, and providing inspiration to us to further our own practice.”
~ Will Knowland, Germantown, Maryland

Here’s some of what the press said:

“The program gets right to business—supported by video and PDF material”
~ The Miami Herald

“Why do healing, visualization and setting intention work only sometimes? Kwan Yin Healing explains why and what to do.”
~ The Boston Globe

“The new program joins Kwan Yin Healing’s existing services, including healing packages, self-healing techniques, and help healing not only physical and emotional challenges, but life path directions and reconnection to universal energy.”
~ San Jose Mercury News

What’s included in this program?

There are 11 modules, typically containing:

a) recorded module of that week’s material
b) supporting PDF (and sometimes extra material not on the recording)
c) sometimes a supporting video where needed to help learning

The idea is readily usable information. Better health and happiness are possible—now.

And, if you’d like to talk first, let’s do that.  You can schedule a time on my online calendar — note that these times are Eastern Time (New York time).  Please write the purpose of the consult in the comments field.  Thanks!