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About me…just in case you were wondering


Tim Emerson - Kwan Yin Healing

It’s kind of amazing I ended up in Kwan Yin Healing. I’ve seen a lot of “New Age” stuff come and go, and I’m pretty skeptical. But I was faced with things I couldn’t explain away, so instead – I studied them. 

Interesting career path for someone with a Bachelor of Music in Performance, a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (yes!  I’m a “liberal artist”), and a host of college teaching appointments (music, art, philosophy, economics, writing) – to earning Level I, II, and III certificates in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, signed by the originator of this work, Dr. Eric Pearl himself. That was July, 2011, and since then, I’ve done hundreds of sessions for clients from six countries on five continents. 

And I’m glad of it. Life is naturally joyous and healthy, but we get stuck, lost under piles of mental confusion, reactions to life getting “life-y,” gradually (sometimes quickly) getting worn down by the day to day reality (as we see it) of the years of our lives. We start to accept this poorer quality as “just the way it is,” and in the process, letting our dreams, hopes, desires start to melt away. We lose hope. But we don’t have to. We can live the lives we were meant to live, and not someday, but now. We don’t have to stay stuck. We don’t have to give in to despair. There’s another way. A powerful way. A healing way. A way to walk with the Divine, now, and in each moment. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I knew my path was to share it. And each time I work with someone, I see them as they truly are, in their highest selves, and there’s no way to feel anything but love for each amazing person. It’s humbling. And wonderful. Nothing is more fun than helping people into their greater realities.

How did all this happen? If you’ve got a few minutes, and are curious, pull up a chair and I’ll tell the tale.

Energy healing started for me in the early 80s. I managed a metaphysical book store then, and found myself surrounded by spiritual friends and partners. I was introduced to medium June Burke and had a reading with the seraph Julian. I visited psychic healer Elizabeth Stratton in New York City and worked with her on healing my eyesight. I learned yoga, studied T’ai Chi with master T.T. Liang, taught it at the Delphi Healing Arts Center, and studied the power of sound healing. 

A lot of this, though, seemed subtle and elusive in any dependable, practical way. As a professional musician who went into the music industry and eventually management consulting, I was used to striving for clear, demonstrable results. The maybe-kinda-sorta-maybe-I-felt-a-little-something wasn’t going to get me very excited.

Then one day I found myself in a period of confused uncertainty. I wasn’t sure where I was going, what I wanted next, or how I might go about it. I did know that, despite a life-long focus on doing what I loved, I wasn’t getting up with passion anymore. I was just sort of “here,” feeling not unhappy per se, but a little lost.

A friend had recently had an experience of overwhelming positive good feeling from a new kind of healing. I decided I’d try it. That became three sessions. In the first session, a distance healing session, I felt intense energy around my head, swirls of energy under my feet and palms, and the 30 minute session seemed to last just five minutes. I was intrigued.

In the second session, I felt bathed in light and energy and connection and a bit of euphoria. But the real surprise came with the third session. Though no one was touching me, I felt a gentle but firm hand on my stomach, steadying me. A golden cord went through my body to my spine. A hand wrapped around the base of my spine, and another grasped the cord, and a voice asked “Are you ready?” The hands pulled down on my spine and up on the cord, hard, very hard, while the hand steadying me held me down. I felt a flood of good feeling, and the pain in my back from two years of degenerative disc disease was gone. A few months later, at my annual physical, my doctor confirmed by reflex test what had seemed impossible—no signs of degenerative disc disease. The pain never returned.

I was amazed, and didn’t know what to think. But I knew I had to learn more, and travelled for training in the process. I started doing local sessions, and the results were just as immediate and surprising. Clients were relieved of asthma, months long abdominal pain, severe muscle fatigue, migraines, and even recovered from head trauma doctors expected would never heal.  

Clients sometimes shared spiritual experiences from their sessions, from feeling like they had been touched to seeing others who weren’t physically present. They also shared emotional healings, from feeling inundated with positive thoughts to working their way through painful experiences with divorce and childhood abuse to finding their PTSD had calmed. I’ve had this experience of being touched myself. We definitely aren’t alone.

In life path work, clients found a new confidence, while those in difficult situations found those situations abruptly ending and new, better ones emerging. I moved from working informally to starting Kwan Yin Healing in order to bring these services to a wider range of people who otherwise would not be aware solutions exist to their physical, emotional, and even spiritual challenges.

As I moved into more regular practice, I started noting who was getting results and why. These became the Four Pillars of Kwan Yin Healing: Clarity, Connection, Coherence, and Change. When a client suggested putting together a workbook to help with the rapid changes in life path work, that grew into what is now the Kwan Yin Journey, a comprehensive roadmap to healing our lives, living our dreams, and finding true peace. Later, to help people new to healing or making a new healing decision, I put together the free PDF booklet “What you NEED to know BEFORE hiring a Healer.”

My forthcoming book, “Getting Unstuck,” discusses how people often feel trapped in their circumstances—and that’s not necessarily true. Whether at the mercy of the economy, or jobs they feel they can’t leave, or creative pursuits they’re rather follow, practical solutions exist. Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working? How can we understand this in practical, not mystical terms? Trapped in addiction? I share my own experience and ways out. Trouble grasping a spiritual path? I share my journey and offer practical tools. Why aren’t relationships working? There are some insights here too. In short, how do we heal our lives so they are the happy, joyous, and free celebrations they are meant to be? It’s easier than we think. In fact, it’s our natural state. The book will be available probably late this year.

My fiancée and I live out in the country in central New York State, with our two dogs, three cats, two bunnies and a pony, adjoining conservation land and near several state forests. We also have the spruce forest I planted myself, along with several fruit and nut trees, berries, and our vegetable gardens. We’re working on including solar, and enjoying the beautiful land. We’re frequently seen at music and theater events. 

My dog and I can often be found hiking in the Adirondack mountains, as well as daily on forest trails closer to home. I still play music sometimes, though not as often as I’d like. Years ago I started teaching writing, and I still do that a few days a week at a local college. I read voraciously, and work mainly on simplifying my life, walking ever more closely with the Divine, and living in joy and service. Unless it’s morning or dinner time… then my cats remind me my place is to fill the food dishes. It’s humbling. And kind of nice.