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Ever wake up sick? You can learn to heal on the spot.

“Sleep heals you from the inside out,” notes WebMD, as “your brain triggers the release of hormones that help you recover from cuts or sore muscles.”  And “during sleep, you make more white blood cells that attack viruses and bacteria,” says Sunita Kumar, MD., co-director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at Loyola University Medical…

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Healing as a Language

A language is a way of understanding the world.   English, for example, enshrines time in its sentences: subjects may be implied at times, but verbs are essential, and verbs have tense—when the action or state of being happened in time (or will happen or are happening). That’s part of why Einstein’s ideas about space and…

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Frameworks: Why Some Work, Why Some Don’t

Frameworks are useful. Look at how quickly we can take in new information – we don’t generally have to start from scratch, but rather, we connect it to something we already know. There’s a category. Or a comparison. Or an association. Some way for us to “bottom line” this learning. It’s an efficient system. It’s…

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Rivers and Rocks

It’s easy to think we’re just not in the right place. We’re stuck — like a rock, stationary, weighted down, while the world swirls around us, leaving us to watch and wonder, outside the passion of life.   Except that we’re *not* rocks. We aren’t immobile and unchanging (and actually, even rocks are constantly changing).…

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Welcome to the New Kwan Yin Healing Blog

I’m glad you stopped by! If you’re new here, this blog is to share interesting content related to the Kwan Yin Healing work. Feel free to browse – the idea is to offer free, useful content, along with giving readers a chance to get to understand better what healing and connection are about on a…

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