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Ever wake up sick? You can learn to heal on the spot.

Sleep heals you from the inside out,” notes WebMD, as “your brain triggers the release of hormones that help you recover from cuts or sore muscles.”  And “during sleep, you make more white blood cells that attack viruses and bacteria,” says Sunita Kumar, MD., co-director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at Loyola University Medical Center.

Healing sleep is important energetically as well, but many people waste this healing energy by the way they wake, jolting to an alarm and jumping up to start their busy day.  Just a few minutes can help you heal, even to the point of waking up sick but taking a few minutes to heal (add 5-10 minutes of meditation to this, a little simple yoga/T’ai Chi, and you’d be surprised what you can heal on the spot).

I first learned this gradually, from higher vibrations into physical manifestation.  I had been dealing with a difficult conflict, and woke to that tension, only to feel a dark cloud of these thoughts.  I realized abruptly that I didn’t have to enter it, so slept peacefully another 10 minutes, then got up without letting myself be part of this cloud.

Later I learned to do the same for emotional challenges — I was driving and suddenly felt very sad for no clear reason, when a friend pointed out that I had probably driven into that energy, and could simply let it keep on moving out.  When we notice something is “wrong,” we tend to give it our attention and cling to it — but we can instead just let go and release it, even letting it flow through us completely in the first place, never taking hold at all.

Finally, I learned to apply this to physical conditions.  When you first wake in that groggy not yet completely awake stage, you are still in that timeless yin energy of healing sleep.  If you notice illness–a sore throat, stuffy nose, soreness, for example–let that energy keep moving.

Don’t attach to it — let it move like a cloud right out of your bodily energy.  Stay in the healing energy of half sleep while you do this.  Let your natural healthy energy fill your bodily space.   Give it a few minutes — let it be a gradual, smooth, peaceful and effortless transition.  You’ll find you can readily at least improve your health.  Continue the energy practice immediately with a morning meditation to complete the process.  A yoga or T’ai Chi chaser would be a good idea too.

Try it!  It works.  I’ve been using this now for years.  Let me know how it works for you!

And if you’d like to learn more self-healing tips, in-depth, why they work, and how to implement them successfully yourself, have a look here at “11 Paths to Self-Healing.”


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