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Frameworks: Why Some Work, Why Some Don’t

Frameworks are useful. Look at how quickly we can take in new information – we don’t generally have to start from scratch, but rather, we connect it to something we already know. There’s a category. Or a comparison. Or an association. Some way for us to “bottom line” this learning. It’s an efficient system.

It’s also a faulty system. Because it’s built on what we know, all new information is forced into this original box of assumptions and beliefs, whether they truly fit or not. And that prevents new learning. We can’t learn when we think we already know, and that deviations from our personal framework are simply wrong. We take our perception as universal reality.

But that then skews our perception as well. We see what we expect to see, not what’s there. So we notice things that are familiar, things that are unusual in our framework, and things immediately dangerous. We notice people driving the car we drive, or people wearing the clothes we’re not sure are “normal,” or the harm seeming to come our way—though at the same time, can ignore harm from things like smoking or drug use because we’ve made these “familiar” and so include them in our framework. We rationalize.

The same happens for positive influences. If they’re outside our framework, we explain away their benefits, even when presented with data. We rationalize it away. It’s better, we feel, to stick with what’s familiar than to move to improvement. Then we construct the reasons why we “think” that. But it’s really just cuddling up to what’s familiar and comfortable, without much regard sometimes for whether it’s good. It’s our framework.

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And that’s a problem for healing, whether physical healing, emotional challenges, or life path direction.

If we want different things to happen, we have to do different things. That’s not what happens, though, in a framework. New stuff goes on the old piles. It’s not even that we’re left with the same piles – we now have taller piles of the same old approaches, now even more invested in what’s not working for us. We actually not only create our own messes, but really we continually re-create them in ever greater depth. It’s our framework.

Except when we perceive danger. Then we react. If we can, we circle the wagons, but if we can’t, we run for shelter elsewhere. That can work – why do so many people have break-throughs just before everything falls apart? Because they’re finally listening to other options. But just as often they run into another ineffective solution, rather than choosing a measurable strategic alternative. One manifestation of this is the “physical world – spiritual world” pendulum. We turn to spiritual approaches as an escape from daily problems. And then we leave the spiritual approaches to get grounded in the “real” world.

This creates a new problem — we’ve “tried everything,” but “nothing seems to work.” But all we’ve really done is jump from framework to framework to framework, looking for some sort of scaffolding to magically hold and support us. Now, that can happen . . . but more realistically, we need first to consider what structure is best needed, where the current one falls short, and what specifically is needed in the new one to achieve whatever is driving us – including relief from pain and disease, transforming our damaged psyches, or embarking on a more powerful and fulfilling life direction with renewed purpose and passion.

And that’s what effective healing does, whether back pain, emotional confusion, or getting our life dreams on track. First, we have to get clear about what’s desired. We have to connect and to coherently operate on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and awareness. And we need to make changes, but not simple reactions. What’s needed is a thorough, practical diagnosis and repair of weak links while maximizing strengths and opportunities.

We are energy, and we are naturally healthy, happy, thriving – not merely getting through the day “good enough” and with an absence of obvious disease. We are so much more than that. But our framework has lost touch with that reality – watch children playing, who still remember, unencumbered, joyous, free in the moment. That energetic framework is not gone. In fact, it’s who we truly are. We just need to turn to a more comprehensive sweep through ourselves.

Kwan Yin Healing shares the message that better health and happiness is possible now, and offers proven solutions to stand behind that promise of results.  And it’s not mystical — it’s going through our energy and our lives comprehensively, addressing the framework that supports and sustains us, from physical realities to what we’re feeling and thinking to awareness and focus:  Clarity, Connection, Coherence, and Change — the Four Pillars of Kwan Yin Healing.

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  • Sue Allen Clayton

    Reply Reply July 24, 2014

    You make some really good points in this post. I totally agree that we need new frameworks to solve ongoing problems. This is why a therapist or coach can be valuable — it’s someone who looks at the situation with fresh eyes and can give suggestions that you may not have considered.

    • Tim

      Reply Reply August 22, 2014

      That’s a good point! Thanks for sharing it.


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