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Ten Mistakes That Keep People From Finding The Healing They Need

Over 30% of adults use alternative medicine each year, reports The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine. These approaches generally focus on acute symptoms, like pain, as well as preventing and caring for patients with chronic disease. The goal of treatment extends beyond healing illness to well-being.

And yet, illness is common. The average adult gets 2-4 colds each year. 50 million Americans suffer from allergies—making it the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the US. Why, if the population is about more than disease treatment, are people so ill?

Modern culture is not one well-schooled in well-being.  Consequently, there’s an implicit assumption that disease is the way of the world.  Healing and well-being can, though, be common.

This FREE report reveals ten of the most common mistakes—and what can be done.

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Here’s what other people are saying about this free report:


“I found this booklet very helpful. I was inspired by the message of freedom: that people can have choices – they don’t have to continue on in the same old patterns, but can step back from their ailments and see the bigger picture. Although it refers to the mistakes that prevent healing, it also poses positive solutions and new ways of thinking about life in a holistic way. Well worth a read.”
~Marléne Rose Shaw, Therapist, Coach, Author

“I enjoyed reading this report as it was very practical and easily readable. What I liked is that the report starts with the ailment, backed up with evidence and then an example of where it has been applied. This was very reassuring and has given me a different perception of energy healing that I was not aware of. I particularly liked mistakes 1, 3 and 8, a commitment to recovery particularly resonated as we all have a tendency to want healing very quickly without any real commitment on our part. Great report. Thank you.”
~Morton Patterson, Management Consultant

“Tim, this is really beautifully done. Clear, organized, friendly easy language and concepts, in bite-sized pieces. I love the way you’ve used your different types and images to maintain attention and focus. Your expression at the end of how you came about the 4 Pillars adds validity and personal connection.  Your Pillars would have helped me enormously at the start of my search for health care (following a terrible car accident) and 15 years later, and as a health care practitioner myself, I can only say they reinforce everything I’ve learned about alternative health care.  Congratulations!”
~Amy “Bear” Piper, MA, Coach, HeartMath Provider, Healer

“As someone who has been healing myself with alternative medicine for over 20 years, I find your booklet very clear, organized, very informative and inspiring and one that I would recommend.  #7 very much resonated with me – ‘The question isn’t which procedures or modalities are the best, but rather which are the best fit for where you are.'”
~Catherine Desjeunes, Artist/Designer

Why give away this free report?

All these mistakes are solvable.   When people don’t know that, however, they instead simply accept the pain, emotions, stress and challenging circumstances as simply part of life.   But all they’re lacking is a thorough, comprehensive system—all can be overcome by demonstrable, appropriate approaches to healing.   This report can be the first step toward helping that happen.

When we want different things to happen, we have to do different things. Once there’s clarity about the nature of the problem, healing can be best fitted to the particular person.  By embracing thorough, comprehensive models, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, that energy and clarity can be directed and focused instead of dissipated.   And when that happens, healing can flow effectively.

Beth had been suffering for 8 months with intestinal pain. Her doctor ordered tests to investigate; in the meantime she had her healing sessions. By the follow-up visit to her doctor, the pain had gone, the tests showed nothing wrong, and she’s been fine since. Louise had dealt with asthma since childhood. After her healing sessions, she reports, “I haven’t used my inhaler since.” Alan felt a number of physical problems from years as a fire fighter. After our third session, he stood with a blank expression and said simply, “I feel free.” So can you.

Indeed, better health and happiness are possible, now – when we know the right things to do.   It’s a quick read – have a look!

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Ten Mistakes That Keep People From Finding The Healing They Need

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