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Healing Key #11: Commitment and Consistency

Are you throwing out the soup just when it’s ready?

Burt Goldman shares a great story about why people have so much trouble attracting results. He imagines a customer going into a great restaurant specializing in home made soups from scratch to order–anything you like! The customer orders a wonderful potato soup, and the waiter hurries off to tell the chef, who begins making the soup immediately.

But after 20 minutes, the customer complains to the waiter that the soup hasn’t arrived yet. The waiter explains that it’s in process and will just be a little while longer, but the customer is impatient, and says to cancel the order, just make a nice tomato soup instead. So the waiter hurries off and tells the chef, who takes the simmering potato soup off the stove, pours it down the sink, and starts right away on the tomato soup.

20 minutes later, though, the customer is again impatient, and demands the soup. The waiter explains it is almost done, but the customer won’t hear it, and tells him to forget it, just do a quick French onion soup. The waiter immediately tells the chef, who looks at the nearly done tomato soup, shrugs resignedly, pours it into the sink, and sets to work on the French onion soup.

However, it was not to be — the customer, tired of trying things without results, waits 15 minutes, curses the place, and walks out, without any soup at all. The waiter and the chef split the French onion while closing up for the night. This is why so many people struggle to realize results — they simply don’t follow the path to results long enough for the results to manifest. There’s nothing mystical about it.

What’s important to you? Are these really your priorities?

I once saw a guy ask a group of people, “So what are your priorities?” Each person in the group set to work, jotting down visions and objectives and ideals and dreams. Then he asked a second question: “What have you already done today?” People dutifully made a list. And finally he added this startling point:

“Fold up your first list, and at the top of your second list, write “My Priorities. These are your actual priorities — you’ve already done them.” It’s a challenging point — often what we tell ourselves are our priorities and what are truly our priorities is something we don’t like to admit, even to ourselves.

Crystalizing clarity takes commitment and consistency

If we don’t like the difference, we can change. Not happy “two hours on Facebook” was a priority? That can change. But it’s not going to happen by magic. It takes discipline — a word people often don’t like, but it really means to be a disciple. Who/what do you want to follow? To me, it means focus, in the sense of a telescope or projector, bringing clarity to what we’re examining or doing. And to make that shift happen, we need that clarity. To crystallize that clarity takes commitment and consistency — that’s the process of discipline, of deciding who or what to follow.

Manifesting healing results is not mystical. Follow the path.

I love to demystify things — there’s plenty of mystery and wonder in the world, but much of getting results is more straight-forward than that. I’m not talking about motivation or how to find time–those were the topics of Healing Keys #9 and #10. Simply bring it into physical reality by starting the process. The moment the waiter wrote down “potato soup,” physical realization had begun and was in process, until the customer deliberately stopped it.

To begin to accomplish anything, simply write down the first step and put it in your calendar/scheduler. That’s it . . . it now has taken on physical form, and is in process. If you don’t/won’t/can’t do that, you’ve already chosen not to manifest results (whether you have that conscious realization or not). It’s not the universe, or your karma, or mercury retrograde — you decided “No.” You could change that decision if you so chose. It’s not fate.

Why do you have to formally take that step and scheduling it? Because otherwise your energies, scattered in all directions by multiple demands on your motivation, time, and commitments, will disperse your efforts. Good intentions are not enough — how many things have you been intending for quite some time, and yet, they remain undone, even un-started? They day they go in your calendar is the day they start manifesting.

To begin to accomplish anything, simply write down the first step and put it in your calendar/scheduler. That's it . . . it now has taken on physical form, and is in process.

It’s like a line I read in a novel once: “It never hurts to put yourself in the path of the gods.” 35 years ago, when I was new to healing, I had seasonal allergies and 20/200 eyesight. A year later, I had no allergies and 20/15 eyesight.

How? Commitment and Consistency. I read, researched, asked, visited healers. I learned my eyesight was strain causing my eye shape to further distort my vision, and then to require that stressed state for my glasses to work. Exercises and time reversed the problem. Allergies were pollen and heat-triggered, but learning to relax my body energy and increase my tolerance through simple yoga, T’ai chi, diet and meditation forever rid me of allergies. It just meant doing what I needed to do.

“But I LIKE mystical!” OK . . . but that comes with requirements

People are often more interested in cool experiences than healing. They like the mystical element. And that’s fine! But commitment and consistency are still the engine that drives that spiritual growth. Meditation and spiritual practice (Healing Key #8) both achieve their seemingly magic results when they are practiced daily over time. That’s the secret ingredient. Otherwise, you keep starting your soup from scratch again.

“But I can’t concentrate that long!” No one can. Seriously — psychologists advise that we can concentrate intensely for about five minutes, and concentrate generally for about 20 minutes. Geez. So what do we do? Well, either keep at it, or, turns out concentration can be learned, through a series of exercises and practice. Similarly, great musicians were once terrible-sounding beginners. But they stuck at it, over time. You can LEARN to manifest. You can LEARN to heal, with help and guidance.

My successful healing clients are on a journey.

They were on a journey, already committed; bringing me in for healing help was consistency on their path.

Early on, I noticed that doing free sessions rarely helped. It’s not that paying money made healing work, because sometimes it DID work, nicely. But more often, that wasn’t the case. Why not? Because clients who had skin in the game were the ones committed to consistent healing.

They were on a journey, already committed; bringing me in for help was consistency on their path. When people don’t have skin in the game, they aren’t really on a journey, aren’t really committed, and so can’t effectively pursue the path consistently.

These are often the window shoppers — they’ve tried modality after modality after modality . . . briefly. None of them have worked! Well of course not. They kept pouring out the soup. Or they focused on modalities that aren’t comprehensive approaches, without any system or commitment to putting the missing pieces into place. They’re frustrated. But their approach never was going to work.

Magister Ludi, Logs, Boats, Helicopters, and Rescue Healing

At one point in Herman Hesse’s “The Glass Bead Game,” the Magister Ludi, the master of the complex artistic, mathematical, cultural and spiritual intricacies of the Glass Bead Game, is stuck in his construction of that year’s contest. So he goes to consult his old mentor, the now retired Music Master. Expecting an esoteric discussion, the struggling Magister is surprised that his venerable teacher instead asks him questions about his sleep, his diet, his meditation.

It’s like the story about a man trapped on a roof in a flood. He prays for help. Soon a log floats by, but he ignores it, as he trusts the divine to save him. A boat comes by, but he waves it on, saying he trusts the divine to save him. Then a helicopter comes, but he refuses to board, saying he trusts the divine to save him. The water rises higher and higher — and eventually he drowns. In the afterlife, he asks the divine why his prayer wasn’t answered. The divine says, “I sent you a log, a boat, a helicopter . . . “

We know we need exercise. We know we need sleep. We know we need a healthy diet. To refuse these and expect healing to pick up the slack is refusing the log, the boat, and the helicopter, as the Music Master makes so clear. There’s a reason the Chopra Center gets good results–they practice Ayurveda, a comprehensive system that includes these fundamental practices. And that’s why Kwan Yin Healing gets results — I don’t just wave some energy your way. Yes, that can be remarkable, but it’s far more predictable when part of a comprehensive proven systematic approach. That’s commitment and consistency.

Is health and healing important to you? Then this Key matters.

Is healing important to you? Is ongoing health important to you? If yes, then consistency and commitment are key.

Ever look into acupuncture or chiropractic? NPR’s Dr. Zorba Paster, host of “On Your Health” mentioned in his syndicated columns that if someone tries these, they should try at least six sessions before deciding whether they were working. I think that’s a lot, but the message is clear: consistency, then commitment.

Is healing important to you? Is ongoing health important to you? If yes, then consistency and commitment are key.

If not, then that’s what needs healing. Is it that you don’t feel worthy, as some people have asked me? Is it that healing would challenge and threaten your world view, as it once did mine?

Is it that your default is contempt prior to investigation? I once doubted Louise Hay’s system of affirmation, until someone said “Look, it’s just a sentence. Isn’t that worth trying?” Today I include it in the self-healing program.

Or is this like the alcoholic or addict, who, even in pain, is getting something from that pain (or believes so)? What could be so frightening or delusionary that we would chose to continue a toxic condition? What would keep someone from choosing to heal? That’s a crying need for healing.

I see so much pain.

All the time I see people choosing to remain in their pain. Some are full of rehearsed excuses, not realizing they are only selling themselves. Others feel immobile, not recognizing that frozen in indecision or fear is also keeping them in pain. Or they just don’t know there’s a way out.

But other times they know there’s a way. They just don’t want to walk the path very far, for whatever reason. That’s the message of this Key — don’t just walk the path. Follow it to the summit. Keep going until the healing happens. And then once you’ve learned it can indeed work for you, keep walking in health.

Many people have done it. Many of my clients have done it. You can do it too.

It’s not magic. It’s keeping to the path.

Peace and Joy,

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

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