Kwan Yin Healing: Better Health and Happiness are possible--now

Healing Key #12: Living Healing Abundance

Living Abundance is the final Key to Vibrant Health and Healing

Abundance is an energetic state of flow. I’d like to say you can’t have a flow in one aspect of your life but not in others, but people manage to do it. Rather than wondering why everything isn’t working out wonderfully, it’s a miracle we’re able to twist our energy so bizarrely we can selectively hold it back.

And that’s especially a problem for healing, because we come to believe that this pretzeled distortion of partial flow is the reality of health. But it’s not. It’s just not. Numerous examples, modern and historical, attest to this. But strangely, our society just pretends otherwise. We occasionally talk about the body’s natural healing, but then we go on and act as if this weren’t true–and accept the poor results.

Whatever your health, you can move to better health from where you are.

That’s really what Kwan Yin Healing’s “Because better health and happiness are possible–now” message means. On the level of working together, it means we can start where you are and move to some place better right away. That sounds far easier to accept that “we’ll magically fix all your problems–poof!” But it also means that our energetic self of continual health and happiness is here, present, ready–right now.

Ascetics don’t undergo years of discipline to prepare the body–they do it to prepare their minds to make the shift. When they do, it’s as simple as crossing a stream to the other bank.

Being vibrant and healthy throughout life is indeed possible

In fact, it happens regularly. Google “people who never get sick,” and you’ll find page after page of them. The spiritual-vibration based business teachers like Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, and hundreds of others were not only prosperous, but consistently healthy. “Bob, have you ever seen me sick?” a young Proctor was asked by his eventual mentor. People filled with love — for others and/or spiritual love (which is really the same) — are also often people who never get sick, as are people who live in the abundance of nature.

Lifelong health is not only possible, but also easier than we typically assume.

So we have to first accept that this is the case–that it’s natural to be forever well throughout life. But that’s difficult in our culture, where we assume that of course a few colds each year are the norm, that periodically we’ll have the flu or other diseases, that we’ll become ill and infirm as we age. As many, many examples attest — that need not be the case.

But because people often think it’s the case, they act in ways in keeping with the illness model. Why balance a life in healthy ways when you believe you’re just going to be sick anyway? Better to go after more profitable pursuits, right?

But alas, that profitability all-too-often eludes them too. Why? Because abundance isn’t about a bank balance — it’s about a continual flow, an understanding that grace and beauty and the richness of life are naturally on tap at all times.

We can move from poverty to abundance, from illness to healing, when we shift our energy--if we know how.

I am not speaking lightly–there was a time I was dirt poor. I had graduated from music school with a fist full of loans and an economy suffering from stagflation. I got bounced from apartment to apartment when I couldn’t pay the increased rent.

I ended up in a field in the country with a beat up trailer. I lived for a year with no heat and no running water (through the rural New York State winter). I lived largely off wild plants. I worked between three and five jobs at once, and borrowed money from one credit card to pay the other, in a continually circle of stuckness.

And I got sick a lot. Regularly. Not to mention I was always exhausted, enjoying little of life. Always living hand to mouth, struggling to pay even the smallest bills.

What changed? My thoughts–and with them, my circumstances

“All things have the nature of mind. Mind is the chief and takes the lead. if the mind is clear, whatever you do or say will bring happiness that will follow you like your shadow. ~Buddha (in the Dhammapada)

Acceptance changed things most. I accepted what I was doing wasn’t working well. I made changes — small ones, all I could do, but changes. And that changed my trajectory. I learned about the system I lived in, and worked organically with it. I studied the Taoist literature about longevity, including the many errors teachers warn about (many of which are common practice today), and how to fix these.

Prosperity, success, health -- these are all part of the same energy.

My attitude changed as well. Instead of all the reasons I couldn’t do things, I started asking how I could do them. Then I took action. In particular, I asked how I could be of service in the process. Abundance doesn’t mean just for one person. A forest full of trees, a star full of stars, an ocean stretching to the horizon–these things exist for all, not just one.

Once we open our eyes and live these realities, there’s a chain effect, one to the other. Fairly often, I talk to people who struggle with healing, and yet the first concern is that they need it to be free or very low cost. These are actually not two problems — they’re two aspects of the same problem.

This is why Break-Through Sessions are so Valuable.

First, they cost virtually nothing ($27 at this writing). When I encounter someone who balks at $27, I know they aren’t yet ready for meaningful healing either. All life, all balance, is exchange. We can’t keep breathing in if we never breathe out.

But also, it gives us a chance to explore together the obstacles and to overcome them. After all, if you had a brain tumor, you wouldn’t tell the surgeon, “Well, I don’t have a lot of money, so just take out $100 worth.” No. You’d get what you need, then figure out the finances. Anything else would make no sense.

Underlying beliefs govern a lot of our thinking–and hence, our actions and results. First, we have to understand that health and healing is natural, and that we and our condition are not an exception. I never expected to walk away from painful and “incurable” degenerative disc disease. But I’ve lived free from it for years now. Many of my clients have similar stories.

But abundance doesn’t have to arrive all at once necessarily. That can be a difficult belief to change abruptly. My healing, in fact, forced a bit of rethinking of what I thought I “knew” about life. Most people, though, can get to a place where they can see that yes, they can at least move from where the are right now to a place that’s a little better (healing and other abundance). Then a place a little better still. Then a place even better still. Step by step. But it’s stepping toward healing.

Peace, Joy and Abundance,

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

P.S. If you would like to help experiencing a break-through, click here to get started. Then I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to learn more about you and your situation, and once I receive your responses, a link to my online calendar to schedule your session. We’ll take about 50 minutes, and we’ll follow up with an additional session if we need to so so. OK? Let’s get you started toward healing!

In healing, don't overlook the obvious

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