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Healing Key 5: Self-Healing and a Path to Happiness

Everyone needs some knowledge of how to practice self-healing. Even your medical practitioner gives you instructions about what to do at home. Whatever your treatment, you’ll need to know what to do when you’re on your own. In terms of pain, you need something to do instead of reach for another drug – something that works.

11 Paths to Self-Healing” is a program that shares this palette of healing tools you can use at your present level of experience (whatever level that may be). Balancing energy, clearing breath, going beneath pain, stretching for flow, moving energy, using the mind, finding root causes, toning, sound healing, using nature and understanding broader perspectives all over a wealth of tools that can release pain on the spot.

Colds, seasonal allergies, pain, headaches, stress – illness can seem an inevitable part of daily life. And what about more serious illness? Are health, vitality, and vibrant longevity really part of the human possibility? Can we really move to better health and happiness? And how can we make this work? Is there really a solution? How can we implement it in effective, doable ways, instead of mystically waiting for the Universe to lend a hand? How can we know how our approaches work?

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I used to suffer from allergies all summer long. I suffered from elbow, ankle, knee and back pain. My eyesight was 20/200 in my left eye. I got 4-6 colds a year, and usually a bout of bronchitis once a year. Today I am pain free, physically active, have 20/20 vision, and go year after year without illness. I did pursue mystical approaches, including energy healing, but along the way I learned how these various methods fit together, how they are often readily outlined in common, physical terms we can all see and understand.

And you can do this too – starting right from day one. There is no need to suffer continually or occasionally. In fact, when people have trouble, it’s because they didn’t apply what they learned, not that they couldn’t. So in this program, we’ll focus on both – what to do, and how to implement it. You will leave the suffering behind and move into better health and happiness.

I do the same thing when I work with people in a Strategy/Assessment session — we look at your situation and lay out a plan for you moving forward, but you’ll also get things you can use immediately. To participate, just let me know what’s going on for you, what you’ve tried already, how it has/hasn’t worked, and we’ll set up a session. There’s a nominal charge (just $47), which I deduct from any work we decide to do together from that point forward. It’s a good way to get yourself back on a healing path.

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Remember – pain happens in the brain, based on what it’s sent and on how it interprets that information. Even at a simple level, these are powerful, effective ways to conquer pain as it happens. And you can learn these quickly!

And if you’re confused about which programs or approaches might be for you — self-healing, getting unstuck, healing sessions, raising vibration, healing your life, energy alignment and connection . . . an Assessment/Strategy session is a low cost way to work through what is best for you, and how to proceed. We’ll design a custom approach just for you — which might be portions of various approaches.

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You’ll find the session clarifies, reassures, and inspires you, helping you through emotional challenges and mental blocks as well. And the work we do together will pass into your knowledge and skill level, giving you still more self-healing tools and approaches.

You CAN live happy, healthy, and free. Better health and happiness are possible–now. Let me know what’s going on for you, what you’ve tried already, how it has/hasn’t worked, and we’ll set up a session to begin working through it.

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Are you ready to heal?

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– you’re in pain
– nothing has worked
– you are ready to make changes

Then we should talk.

Let me know, and I’ll send you a brief questionnaire, after which we’ll set up an exploratory session to see how we might best work together if appropriate.

You’ve suffered enough. To learn more about healing, click here.

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing




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