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Healing Key #6: How to Understand Energy

When we clarify confusion about “energy,” we help healing.

The central part of energy healing is, of course, the energy—but this is an area often poorly understood. And for understandable reasons. For example, in China, Chi Gong (qigong) refers not to a group of breathing exercises, but to mastery of one’s chi. Why the confusion? First, many periods of persecution sent Taoist practices underground, and texts were disguised and hidden with metaphors. Additionally, when practices were legal again in the later 20th century, every teacher and studio sought to differentiate itself from the others. Later Taoist masters pointed out, often against the populist belief, that people were taking metaphor literally, such as ingesting metals, becoming seriously ill.

Let’s look at some essential points.

First, we often use the term “energy” as if it’s some fixed commodity, when it’s actually a range of energies. The electro-magnetic spectrum, for example, includes color, sound, X-rays, radio, TV – all just different frequencies of the same phenomenon. To say just “energy” when we mean specifically sound or light or gamma rays would be confusing and not helpful, as these frequencies have different properties and applications.


Similarly, “energy” is often thought of in the body as simply the Chinese term “chi” (or “qi” or “ki”), when really there are a range of frequencies here too. I’ve seen very few people who can actually move chi effectively, or separate yin and yang energy. Really, most people are focusing on “jing” (“vitality”) in their energy work, while connective energy work addresses the broader bands of frequencies that flow among us, common to us all.

Further, no one needs more energy. Just your electrical energy alone, physicist Richard Feynman noted, if it were off by 1% in the same charge as someone on the other side of the room (either both positive or both negative), would repel the two of you with a force so great that it could lift the earth. The nuclear force in every one of your atoms is stronger still (what we call “nuclear energy” is actually static electrical charge).

Breathing longevity

What you might need is (a) balancing energies and (c) a better flow of energy around and through you. Consider a lake. If water doesn’t continually flow in and out, the lake dries up or becomes stagnant. If the banks don’t properly channel that water, the lake becomes a swamp. Good energy healing acts like a catalyst, cleansing and connecting—not sending a flood. This connection can then be power as water in an ecosystem, even overriding the negative thoughts that contribute to pain (as clinical studies show). Clearer thinking, insights, and release from negative thinking are common reactions I hear from my clients, for example.

Even more important and commonly overlooked is conservation of energy. We all have goals and to-do lists and projects and emergencies and we set out to do all this impossible quantity already tired and ill-fed and poorly exercised and then seem amazed when we’re ill and in pain. Before you take a trip, you put gas in your car, air in your tires, check the oil and so forth. But few people do this for themselves, mainly because they feel they don’t have time. Can you imagine not having time to put gas in your car? Or check the brakes and the tires? You make time, because you know you must. You must here too.

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