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Healing Key #7: Understanding Levels of Being

What does it mean to “Raise your Vibration”?

If you truly started vibrating at higher frequencies, you’d simply vanish from physical sight (just the laws of physics) What you really mean by “raising your vibration” is that your levels of being are vibrating coherently, allowing a clear channel of energy from higher to the “lower” vibrations—which are just more solid, not “lower.” Here’s how all that works.

This is the Theosophists’ (an English philosophical interpretation of Hindism) table of our levels of being. It’s essentially states of matter – as physics shows, solids are atoms vibrating in a crystal formation. Liquids lose the formation but still have a mutual attraction. Gases lose the separation and disperse – all from higher energy levels (i.e., heat). Super-heated gases create plasma – i.e., lightning, or the interior of stars. And that’s still only in the middle of the physical plane. Much of what is considered “higher self” or “soul” is still on basic slower vibration levels. The point—this is more complicated than simple mind/body connection.

However, we all have direct experience, on a basic level, of that connection. When your body is ill, your emotions and thoughts are typically negative, and, when your thoughts and emotions are negative, you feel physical effects. We can rewire our brains through its neural plasticity, but in long-term pain, Dr. Tatta notes, neural plasticity goes awry. Frequent negative thoughts, or being consumed with negative emotions, such as fear, anger, or guilt, can continue to create a pain response long after an initial injury.

Overcoming this often takes a spiritual approach, meaning a vibration higher than mind. When Buddha said “All things flow from mind,” he’s using a term that we incorrectly translate as “mind” because we don’t have a word for it – it’s a higher plane of vibration than what we call “mind” in the West.

When battling addiction, treatment has long focused on a “spiritual awakening,” a psychic change sufficient to bring about a change that overcomes the mental and physical obsession. Chronic pain, in particular, can also benefit from this higher frequency connection and flow, as it is essentially a form of “addiction” when the brain is lying to the body about a disorder long since physically resolved. The same is true of emotional pain and mental duress. Spiritual growth is also a form of leaving pain.

My “Kwan Yin Journey” program traces this rise in vibration systematically, and brings it back to the physical level. We talk about the world mirroring our thoughts, but rarely do we look at our physical surroundings and situation and hold our feet to the fire about our influence. Similarly, we treat emotions as something happening to us, when they are actually reflections of our thoughts. And finally, we can’t effectively have health and be pain-free in one level while suffering on another one. Coherence of effort is important here.

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