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Healing Key #8: Meditation

Meditation is not what you think (it’s so much more)


Meditation is often misrepresented in the West as a form of relaxation. Certainly relaxation is important. But as Deepak Chopra notes, the ancient yogis who invented meditation weren’t trying to relax—they were pretty relaxed already.

Nor is it, as many people think, about stopping your thoughts. In fact, if you’ve tried to meditate but couldn’t stop thinking, you’re meditating—you’re noticing your thoughts, recognizing you aren’t the same as those thoughts, that you are something beyond the thinking mind.

Meditation is about learning to center from our consciousness, from that higher “mind,” and to become aware of that process and level of being. It takes time and commitment—daily practice, in fact. Many people either have no spiritual practice in this sense, or used to and fell away from it. It’s crucial—and it’s the daily practice, even for short periods, maybe 15-30 minutes a day, that build the understanding and realization. Without this, the mind will be jumping about undisciplined, and that’s not good for overcoming pain.

There are many ways to meditate—I have a short piece on ten ways for people who “can’t meditate”—and a program helping people to establish a firm daily practice. This is really a foundational piece, the root system, from which all the rest flows. That spiritual center, however you conceive it, plays a far larger and far more important part than most people realize. Perhaps ironically, the most consistent meditators I know are business people. They get the power, clarity, and focus that meditation brings to their day, their decisions, their endeavors, far beyond simple stress relief.

Look at the many stories of people overcoming serious illnesses—they all start with acceptance. Not resignation, but truly coming to peace with their situation. Then, afterward, they found healing—but only after they found peace. And that’s really the point. We are looking to escape the pain, whether physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual confusion or emptiness, but what we’re really looking for is peace. As one of my clients put it once, “I haven’t been happy in a long time, and you don’t even realize you aren’t until you suddenly are.”

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