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Healing Key #9: Finding the Time

One of my clients called me one day to discuss her pain.  She had been through my “11 Paths to Self-Healing” course, and I asked about a couple of practices that were ideal, and how she was doing with them. She replied that they were good, but she didn’t have time. I shared that this would take 15 minutes each day. She said she had a farm to run and didn’t have 15 minutes a day. So she lives with pain instead.

I can certainly see that you might look at all this and say, “Wow, if I only had the time in my busy life to do these things!”   I get it. When I broke my finger, if I had followed my physical therapist’s instructions to the letter, I’d have spent most of the day in physical therapy. But beyond adding paths to a pain-free life, most of us live in stress, overwhelm, and endless stream of tasks in lives with never enough time. And that in itself contributes to pain.

So we need help, something more than the typical time management advice we’ve all heard and yet still struggle.  We need to understand time in a new way. For example, when I first read Thomas Leonard’s suggestion (he started the life coaching field) to schedule only half the work day, leaving the rest for things that came up, I laughed out loud. I thought “wouldn’t that be nice, to have half the day to do that with!” Then, a few weeks later, walking from building to building in the middle of my work day, I realized abruptly, “Wait—I already spend half my day putting out fires each day…I just don’t plan for it, and have to scrap half my day each day instead.” Not a good system.

Most of us try to do too much.   Instead of taking on everything, decide which things you’re doing now and which you’re not doing now. Think in terms of projects, and break those projects into tasks—defining a task as something you can do in an hour or less. Leave 5-10 minutes free between hours. Fill in your day with these tasks, and you’ll get a much clearer idea of what you can do and how much to schedule.

Abundance includes not just prospering, but being time rich, friend rich, love rich, and healthy.   If we aren’t these things, then what we’re attracting is out of step with what we say we want. These energies are similar. If we’re too busy to spend time with friends, if every moment is jam packed, we aren’t abundant, and we aren’t living a healthy life. And that itself is a form of pain. I have a program, “Get Stuck, Heal your Life,” that addresses these issues. These are some of the root causes of what becomes poor health and pain.

The point here is that laying out a reasonable, doable, sustainable approach that fits the reality of your life is an important aspect of healing.   It can’t work if it’s unworkable. And whole life balancing is important, even if the problem seems to be specific pain. It’s like the story of the shaman asking “When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop enjoying stories?” One of my clients, sharing that her neck pain (C1 vertebrae had moved back into place) and high blood pressure were gone, added, “Something else—I found myself singing to the radio. I can’t remember the last time I did that.” Indeed. It’s about finding ourselves.

It’s not about doing everything at once.   That can’t be done. It’s about laying out the biggest challenges, the most promising opportunities, and working to resolve those, then on to the next, and so forth, and created a clear path for accomplishing that. As Kwan Yin Healing’s tagline notes: Better Health and Happiness are possible—now. Wherever you are, we can start to take steps to improve the situation. And then do it again. Sustainable improvement.

Kwan Yin Healing’s  “Getting Unstuck” program (available as a home study–just contact me) includes addressing the time element as part of self-healing, daily meditation practice, and healing programs. Time “management” isn’t about arranging the bits of time you already have — it’s about making choices and staying focused to achieve the results you seek. It’s doable–just not the way we’ve always done it, if that’s been undoable.

It’s time to heal!

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