Kwan Yin Healing: Better Health and Happiness are possible--now

Healing – A Path to Health and Happiness


You’ve probably tried several treatments and approaches already, but the pain, the problem, the condition, the inconvenience, the difficulties, and chronic presence continues.   It can be frustrating — I remember feeling that way about my back and knees, for years, believing it could only get worse, while wishing I could find a solution.

There is a way.  A way I’ve used myself.  Today, my back and knees feel great, and I happily enjoy mountain hiking and cross-country skiing, pain free.   I’m not grimacing every time I sit.  Or stand.  Pain free.  And I sleep great!   You can do this too.  You can feel this way too.

Kwan Yin Healing

This is Kwan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, “who hears the cries of the world.”

Take a look at these clients:

  • Carol had been seeing a chiropractor once a week for a year for a neck injury from an auto accident. After her healing session, her chiropractor reported that her C1 vertebrae had moved back to its proper place, that her high blood pressure had dropped to normal, and that she no longer needed to continue her visits to the chiropractor.
  • Beth had been suffering for 8 months with intestinal pain. Her doctor ordered tests to investigate; in the meantime she had a healing session. A week later, in the follow-up visit to her doctor, the pain had gone, the tests showed nothing wrong, and she’s been fine since.
  • Doug, normally active, was so sore he almost needed help getting out of his truck.  He had got caught at his remote mountain camp 15 miles from the road on deep but soft snow, and had to stop every 50 feet to pull his snowmobile back onto the path.  After his healing session, he says, “I woke up the next morning at 6 a.m., felt terrific, and went to work.”
  • Louise has had asthma since childhood. After her healing session, she reports, “I haven’t used my inhaler since.”
  • Howard had a bad case of the flu - and was supposed to present at Kripalu Yoga Center the next day. “Can you do anything about this?” he asked - and woke the next morning at 4 a.m., felt fine, and booked a flight.
  • TJ faced a number of challenges, including immobility and a chronic wound unhealed due to diabetes. The would saw progress, and her range of motion increased, sharing that “I don’t have to call my brother when my yarn falls behind the chair.”
  • Alan felt a number of physical problems from years as a fire fighter -- his body was pretty beat up.  After our sessions, he stood with a blank expression and said simply, “I feel free.”
  • Becca was emotionally struggling through a difficult divorce, including four daughters, teens and early 20s, who were no longer speaking to her. First, she found true peace with herself and the situation, including spiritual guidance during her sessions. Then one by one, her daughters came back into her life. Today they are close again.
  • Chris wrestles with a difficult career as an artist and the fallout that bohemian lifestyles can have at times, including addiction.  At the end of his session, he expressed, with some wonder, “Wow… my mind is clear, not racing… I can’t remember the last time that happened. I thank you for that.”
  • Ken, a former professional athlete, suffers from chronic back pain and nerve damage to his foot.  Both were alleviated during his session - that session is here on video, including his reaction afterward.
  • I’ve experienced this healing myself -- I had suffered with degenerative disc disease for two years.  After my sessions, the pain vanished, and my nerves and reflexes returned to normal (as verified by my doctor). Additionally, I had flashes of remarkable insight, several profound spiritual experiences, new connections and reconnections with people important to me, and the fresh direction and life path I had been seeking finally unfolded before me. 

These kinds of stories, these kinds of issues, are typical of many of the people I work with.   Sometimes the pain has gone on so long that how life used to be gets forgotten, and it takes over what used to be a vibrant life.   But you are not alone–you can get help.

There is a path to healing

If you feel you need some assistance getting back to good health and a happy life, or getting onto to a sustainable path of wellness, this program may be right for you.  And I’d be happy to help you find out. I’ve been helping adults open to energy healing for over 30 years, in healing sessions and in helping them connect the dots of their healing knowledge and experience, in class and one-on-one settings.

There’s a good chance I can help you as well:

  •  To work to lessen, manage, or erase current symptoms in both the short-term and long-term
  •  To implement self-healing approaches so you can continue to progress toward better health and well-being
  •  To support you in continued health maintenance and wellness, including a balanced, peaceful, happy and productive life path as best fits your highest self.

How we work together depends on your situation, history, and goals.

We explore these together in a discovery session and lay out the plan or plans that are right and effective for you.  Such a customized and comprehensive approach is your best path toward better health and happiness.

Working in a customized approach may take some of these forms.  While all of these have been offered in group settings, your program will draw from all of these to assemble the specific pieces important for you, your health, and your life path.

Here are some common elements that may be part of your customized healing program:

  • Energy healing sessions, either in person or by distance healing.  Kwan Yin Healing works with the high-frequency energies that connect us all in a systemic, holistic approach.   These may be in-person or via distance healing, for healing or energy alignment.
  • Learning effective self-healing techniques.  There are a wide variety of these, and they are surprisingly easy to learn and to implement successfully.
  • Meditation as a tool for healing and connection.   We'll talk about what meditation is and isn't in this context, and how to develop a consistent, effective meditation practice.
  • Raising your vibration noticeably.   This isn't suddenly becoming a higher frequency (or you'd just vanish), but rather how to balance your various energies coherently so they work together instead of heading in contradictory or scattered directions.
  • Getting Unstuck -- understanding why and what to do.   People usually aren't as stuck as they think, primarily because they're seeing the wrong problems.   Shifting perspective to the actual challenges makes them solvable, and we can work to solve them.
  • Movement and exercise as appropriate.   Part of health depends on movement.  From walking in the woods to using yoga and T'ai for health, an enjoyable and effective plan is essential, depending on overall health and ability.
  • A program of Wellness, not just treatment.   We aren't machines to be repaired when broken.  We're people meant to live happy, vibrant, thriving lives -- and we generally can.
  • Ongoing program of support.   For some people, this will be a self-administered program, while for others, we may continue a lower level of work for a time to support your healing and wellness program as appropriate.

Here’s what you can expect from your healing program

Whether you are experienced or new to healing work, you will come to understand healing and energy in a new, effective way.   You’ll move from mystery to hopefulness and happiness, from the chore of dealing with problems to the adventure of transcending them.

Here’s some of what you’ll experience:

  • More clarity about your challenges, their causes, and their remedies.
  • More understanding of how energy and wellness work, both to heal and to sustain health.
  • More balance and harmony among the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, so that they work together to create a unified, pleasant, effective approach to being.
  • More resilience, so that challenges to health are less likely to result in illness, and so that you may begin "healing" before those challenges threaten health.
  • More connection to the world around you, including a sense of walking with the divine.
  • More vitality -- life is more fun when you know how to conserve and use your energy well.
  • More passion -- life is far more joyous when you feel better, have a clearer direction, and have a sense of living fully.
  • More peace -- one of the biggest things people talk about after working together is the peace they've found.  It's what most people truly want, even if they don't know that at first.

Having better health and happiness doesn’t have to mean struggle.  It can become part of a joyous, vibrant life, as much a part of you as breathing, and as natural.   And you probably know a lot of this already — you just need to know how it all fits, how to implement it effectively, and to get a little boost in the areas harder to reach by yourself.

As one of my clients puts it, “You don’t know how unhappy you are until you’re suddenly happy again.”

What happens when we work together

Our approach will be customized to you and your situation. Pain and symptoms are the last manifestation of a disease or problem. When those alone are treated, we’ve only moved back one step – all the other causes and manifestations potentially remain.   Additionally, if you don’t know how to proceed, the same manifestation can return, or manifest in a new way.

By taking a comprehensive approach, we can implement a complete and much more effective solution. By doing so, we can lessen, better manage, or even erase not only your pain and symptoms, but also the causes and contributing factors. The idea is to help you find and enjoy long-term health and happiness.

Specifically, depending on your needs, we’ll work together to develop some of all of the following steps and stages.

Beginning Steps:

  • Energy healing/alignment sessions to help with symptoms and to interrupt mental patterns
  • Self-healing anyone can do to develop your own ability to address symptoms
  • Gain insight into your situation, its causes, and the path forward
  • Establish fundamentals for grounding yourself through healing changes
  • Break down your path forward into doable steps, so as not to overwhelm or do more than you can handle at this point

Intermediate Steps:

  • Movement or exercise appropriate for your situation, an essential for long-term health
  • Continue energy sessions and your self-healing technique as needed to continue or expand progress
  • Understand elements/factors, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, how they influence well-being and how to use them for wellness
  • Raise vibration, meaning, on a practical level, better coherence and focus among the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements
  • Adjust/support as healing needs change, especially emotions surfacing as we peel back layers of the onion
  • Help overcome barriers to implementation

Steps for Long Term Health:

  • Learning to use/conserve/build energy for continued wellness
  • Balance physical/spiritual to walk/live with “higher” energy
  • Achieving long term sustainable health
  • Prevention and wellness, vs. treatment as problems arise
    (As a shaman once asked: When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop enjoying stories?)
  • Getting Unstuck: i.e., healing your life and life path for overall wellness

    Ongoing/Maintenance/Advanced Steps:

    • Keeping it fresh so healthy practices and energy continue
    • Questions/addressing new situations arising to help implement what you’ve learned in fresh circumstances
    • Clearing both head and energy as new challenges arise so old patterns don’t restart.
    • Help constructing consistent practice in a busy life so that health and healing remains a constant
    • Advanced spirituality programs for those wishing to expand their knowledge and practice
    • Health and healing training for practitioners who would like to share their experience with their own clients.

What does a healing session look like?

If we’re doing this session in person, either at my place or your home, you’ll lay down on a massage table, fully clothed, on your back, arms at your side, palms down, shoes off (just to protect my table).   If you have back trouble, we’ll put a pillow under your knees, and if you have neck trouble, we’ll put a folded towel under your head, so that you are comfortable.

You’ll close your eyes, and just relax. You don’t have to practice any meditation or special practice—just let yourself float.   The session will take about 30 minutes. You may feel warmth or cool breezes, find your arms, hands, feet or legs twitching, sense colors, sounds, or smells, find yourself swallowing or thirsty – these are common reactions. Sometimes people “see” or “feel” people who aren’t there, even sensing touch – I will only touch you at the end, on your shoulder, to let you know the session is complete.

If we are doing an energy alignment/connection session, it will take closer to 40-50 minutes. Because vibration rises quickly in these sessions, people often feel cold, especially the hands and feet.   Wearing gloves, heavy socks, and a sweater are a good idea for these sessions.

In either case, after the healing session itself, we’ll take a little time to discuss what happened for you. This will also give you time to return fully to conscious awareness. At the same time, some people don’t experience much during their session, but this has no impact on the efficacy of those sessions.   Also, people generally become more sensitive to the energy after a few sessions. Others feel it powerfully right from the start. Either is fine.

What does a distance healing session look like?

Distance healing is remarkably similar to in-person sessions, including feelings and effects.

At the time of our appointment, I will call to check in with you.   This will give us a chance to chat, and for your to ask questions.   When we’re ready for your session, I’ll have you lay down on your back, arms at your side, palms down, eyes closed, just as in the in-person session. Be sure to choose a place where you won’t fall if your arms and legs twitch.

At the end of the session, I will call back, both to let you know the session is complete, and to allow time to share your experience and to ask any follow-up questions.

For International Clients

If you live outside the United States or Canada, we will connect via Skype instead of by phone.   The process from there is the same. Some United States and Canadian clients prefer to use Skype as well – that’s fine.

Additional Resources

Our one-on-one consultation and discussions will likely be supplemented by material from various programs. This may include audio recordings, PDF chapters and articles, and video demonstrations and explanations.

In some cases, an entire program or programs might included in our work together. We will still maintain a schedule of contact so that you may check in, report, and get support in your progress.

Healing Demonstration and Testimonial

Here are the first five minutes of Ken's 30 minute healing session (because hey, it all looks the same after this), followed by Ken's "on camera" reaction and testimonial immediately following the session.

He's pretty amazed - his back pain is gone. The nerve damage in his foot is better. He feels "stretched out." His mind is calm and relaxed. He went on to have The Reconnection after this.

Distance Healing and Testimonial

This is probably the question I get most often - how does distance healing work, what do I feel, how do I find you, and so forth.  So here you go!

People's experiences are very similar to the face to face sessions. In fact, unlike typical energy, these Healing frequencies actually strengthen with distance, making this a very good option.

I was doing an energy alignment for Carol the day I recorded this video, who had previously had a remarkable distance healing session, repairing her neck from an auto accident injury a year previously, as well as restoring her high blood pressure to normal. So, since she was there that day - you get to see Carol's testimonial about her results on video as well.

Note:  you can read additional testimonials at the bottom of this page.

What's the next step to working together?

If you would like to explore the Healing Program, please fill out the questionnaire below.  I’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.   If I can help, we'll set up a 50 minute Healing Strategy Session.   There is a $47 fee for the session;  if we work together further, I'll deduct the $47 from the cost of your custom program.

In this session, I'll learn about you, your current situation, goals and challenges, and I'll share some ideas and approaches you can use right away. Then I'll explain in more depth how we might best work together and answer any of your questions. If we decide there's a good fit, we'll move forward, and set up our next sessions.

Of course, if you feel this approach is not for you, you won't get any pressure to move forward.

When you fill out the questionnaire, please be thorough and complete.  I work with clients who are ready to see progress, and ready to commit to that progress through their own change and efforts as well as my contributions.

[Form coming soon -- for now, please contact me here.  Thanks!]

Additional Testimonials

I had three amazing distance healing sessions from Tim Emerson a couple weeks ago, and it's crazy how things are clicking into place all throughout my life. There was some upheaval at first, as you'd expect, and then bam bam bam, every day brings a new healing, a clicking into place, a new insight. It's so damn good when we treat ourselves to help from other people, what? Tim, in my opinion, is the healer's healer. I so highly recommend you get in touch with him for a chat if you're open to the idea of distance healing. He sets the bar VERY HIGH. Wow. I'm booking another.

Alex Baisley - Guelph, Ontario ,

I can't believe how fast everything is moving since Friday after the sessions we have started. I have been getting news (treatment plan I wanted) I wanted, and necessary things are happening (Monday I got pet scan which is a good thing to do before I leave) & moving forward. I feel I can finally go with the plan that universe has presented me after months of dark & lonely days which was necessary to get to this point.

Thank you so much for your amazing work. I'm leaving to Japan sometime next week for few months. I hope I can do distance healing even I'm there if I need to. I feel I can finally be excited about life and choices. I certainly think the sessions with you have lead me to such a smooth speedy path since and we have been happy and feeling lucky that things has moved in this direction and be able to find the right help at the right moments. Thank you.

Tomomi Y. - Syracuse, New York

I have worked with healers and with healers of healers. However, I can say that I was amazed by the work that Tim does. I could feel the energy and it was so loving and so very healing. I cannot say enough about Tim and his amazing gifts. I encourage you to book two sessions with Tim. You will be so happy that you did.

LaTresa S. - Springdale, Arkansas

I've received many different forms of energy work over the years, some of it face to face and some of it long distance.  About 10 seconds in I felt a strong sensation in my solar plexus area which slowly started to spread throughout my body. I felt very warm and tingly and I felt HEAVY. So heavy it felt like I couldn't move my body even if I wanted to. The 30 minutes passed very quickly - it felt like about 5 minutes. Just before Tim called back I started to feel lighter and I wondered if the healing was coming to an end.

I felt deeply rested when it was done. I was truly amazed to feel so much from a distance. The healing was as profound and in some cases more profound than healings I've had done in person. I highly recommend you try it!

Barbara Pearce - Montreal, Quebec,

I felt completely comfortable with Tim. The distance healing session was unusual and distinct in how immediately physical it was. There was no sense of things happening far off, or somewhere in a distant, rarefied place. It was immediate, visceral, and felt like it was happening right in the middle of my energy body/physical body. I felt my spine being stretched and flexed in all different directions for what seemed like a while. I also felt a lightness and opening in my thyroid and thymus glands.

The experience was soothing and relaxing overall. After I was done my feet were extra flexible. It felt like I'd had a long foot massage. An intermittent ache, which I had been experiencing in my thyroid just prior to the session, has never returned, and it's been 4 months since the session. I felt internally quiet and clearer headed after and have been experiencing greater emotional well being, mental productivity and peace since the session.

While the session was happening it was very direct, wakeful, and deeply restful, like being in a deep trance. When it was done, it was D-U-N done. No residual energy. No sense of having to shift my orientation to "fit" anywhere, or make sense of anything afterwards. It was all very professionally conducted. Much gratitude, Tim!

Janina Na - Oakland, CA, Salas Construction