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Seeds that don’t Heal–because we already know

Seeds create plants; we all know that — Right?

If we have good seeds, we can grow plants — just like that, lush manifestations from small hard stone-like bits. Or can we? We know this. Very simple. And yet…some people have a green thumb, while others can’t keep a plant alive, let alone flourishing.

Even successful plant-growers can find they do well with some plants but struggle to grow others. Or that some years the plants do well, while other years they don’t, for whatever reason(s). And even when a grower is on top of all that, seeds still are dependent on the right soil, the right moisture, the right environment, and the right time of year (for some plants, even when grown indoors).

The truth is that we DON’T know — or rather, we know some things, but not others. Even with strong knowledge, though, those “other” things can keep us from successfully cultivating those plants. Admitting we don’t know lets us learn — ironically, sometimes the most knowledgeable can struggle the most…all because they “already know that.” Now imagine that while surrounded by dead plants, our growing insisted, in response to every suggestion, “Look, I already know” — outright denial of what’s actually the case.

Two Trees

Healing is like that too–we don’t “know” when we know “some.”

We all have an amazing capacity to heal–this is well-known…and at the same time, people have trouble actually believing it. I get this, because I used to feel similarly. I thought a few gifted masters might live continually healthy lives. Then I gradually learned we can cut the duration of injury and illness markedly. Later I learned we can recognize when illness is coming and ward it off before it hits. And finally I learned that indeed, not only can we live continually healthy lives, but also that many people do, around the world, including in the West.

So why aren’t we all mainly healthy? It’s because we only think we know what we know. That’s the problem with partial knowledge, even extensive knowledge. We have so many of the pieces, but without all the parts, we don’t have a functioning solution. And that’s why comprehensive, demonstrable approaches work better than trying the things we know. Something like Ayruveda, for example, works because it covers so many bases that it tends to find the actual problem–whether we think that was the problem or not.

Knowing, then, is when we can actually live in continual health, when we can actually heal ourselves, when we can recognize illness before it comes, when we can learn to live lives that keep us healthy on all levels. Most people know something about breathing, but how many can breathe their way out of a cold in a morning’s meditation? Lots of us do yoga, but how many can use it to release disease? Lots of us understand we’re energy, but how many can use this understanding to keep their energetic connection vibrant?

Anyone can learn self-healing…once we let go of “Yes, I know.”

We often say we manifest the world around us — but we rarely look at the world around us as a reflection of what we’re manifesting. If that world is other than what we desire–and that will often be the case, as we continually expand–then we’ll need to learn pieces we’ve never had to know before. And if our health and healing is not as we’d want, then we need to grow into these new levels.

If you’d like to learn more about self-healing anyone can do with a little help and instruction, have a look at “11 Paths to Self-Healing.” Click here for more information, media quotes, and testimonials. Better health and happiness are indeed possible–now.

Happy Healing!

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

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