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The Energy Alignment

Searching for your life path? Looking for the pieces to come together? Missing something but you’re not really sure what? Seeking that passion, that purpose that make life meaningful? That’s what the Energy Alignment process does, in two day process, about an hour each day (two consecutive days are best).

We are each grids of energy, the intersection of divine and earth energy. As such, our natural state is a flowing connection to universal energy and to all energy around us. But just as the Buddha advised us, everything in our experience flows from the mind, and thus, we can create a great deal of smoke and confusion as we travel through life. That clouds our vision and our judgment, making choices difficult and our best direction uncertain.

By tracing the points and lines of these frequencies of energy, we reconnect with our energetic blueprint, the true nature of ourselves in connection with our higher selves and our connection to universal energy. This reconnection is at a higher vibration than our daily thought energy, bringing us rapidly back in alignment with our path and purpose.

People can experience sudden flashes of insight, new opportunities opening, and a sense of being picked up from a stray path and put back on the appropriate one. Often they feel cold at times during the process, especially in the hands and feet, as their vibration raises very quickly. The first day cleanses and gets energy flowing again. On the second day, their energy will have expanded, and the actual connection is done. This ushers in a period of change generally lasting around two months. Then it’s just a matter of walking the new path.

Lost Creek Bridge

The cost of the two-day process is $333. However, you need to have experienced the energy of this healing first. If you’re new to reconnective energy, you’ll need an initial healing session first – this can be packaged with the energy alignment for a total of $397. This can be done via distance healing/alignment as well.

This period of change can be challenging at times – as you might expect with rapid change. To help people smooth out these waves and to help them get the most of the process, the Kwan Yin Journey was born as a guide, supplement, and next step all in one – and it includes an initial healing session and the energy alignment process, along with 8 weeks of modules to take you gradually through setting the foundation, then working up through the levels of being from physical to highest spiritual self, raising the vibration and giving you the tools to continue this work. It’s available for $697 (with an option for more healing sessions available as well). You can learn more about it on the Kwan Yin Journey page. If you’re looking more for healing, or a combination of life path and healing, click here.

If you’re ready to get unstuck, live your dreams, and travel your true path, then this process is for you. If you’re ready to start, and you’ve had a reconnective healing session before, then start here, and we’ll set up your session times (phone appointments are fine):

The Energy Alignment

After making your selection, you should be forwarded to the online schedule page; if not, or if the times aren’t good for you, click contact here and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time with you. Enjoy!

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