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Welcome to the New Kwan Yin Healing Blog

Welcome BuddhaI’m glad you stopped by!

If you’re new here, this blog is to share interesting content related to the Kwan Yin Healing work. Feel free to browse – the idea is to offer free, useful content, along with giving readers a chance to get to understand better what healing and connection are about on a practical level and how to better achieve those in daily life.

If you’ve been around for a while and are wondering what happened to “A Healer’s Café,” no worries – it’s still up, and available by clicking here.

The reason for the move? To keep everything on a single site, rather than jumping from one to the other, as well as ease of navigation in having a true blog here rather than a frame displaying the blog from another url.

So you can still find your favorite posts from before. And some of that material may be reworked and presented here.

But be sure to subscribe now to the new blog here – this is where all the new content will appear.

Thanks for reading!

With Gratitude,

Tim Emerson Kwan Yin Healing

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