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“What’s the least amount of healing I can get?”

OK, no one’s ever actually said those words. At least not to me.

But they may as well have. Let’s take a look at how this happens, how it ironically gets in the way of healing, and how to instead turn productively to healing…without breaking the bank (or your schedule) either.

Healing isn’t a commodity — it’s a state of balanced flow

Imagine calling a doctor’s office and asking, “What do you charge for healing?” Healing what? It depends — and not every person has the same healing needs and experience even for the same ailment. You can’t just go grab a bottle of healing off the shelf, problem solved.

Alternative healing takes timeOr imagine saying, “I’d like to try just one office visit and see how it works.” (Even worse–for free). That’s not how it works — the first visit (and maybe more) will be learning about what’s going on for you. Only then will a course of treatment be advised.

“If I’m going to visit your office, I need to know you guarantee I will be healed.” No doctor is going to agree to that, even when the likelihood is high.

Same for partial treatment: “How much to just remove part of the tumor?” That’s not how treatment in that case works–it’s do it or don’t.

And if you don’t, there are consequences. People forget that part — if you do something, there are consequences, but if you don’t do something there are also consequences. There is no “wait and see.” Either decision sets events in motion.

Aspirations drive healing — not problems.

What do you want to happen?” It’s one of the best questions ever. What’s the goal? Where are you ideally headed? If you’re clear on that — for example, clearing up knee pain so you can return to enjoying mountain hiking — then healing isn’t a matter of how many sessions or how much or how long — it’s “Let’s do this!”

Fears are not healingRemember Ebenezer Scrooge? He was fine (he thought) with his static, misery life, until he finally broke down when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come showed him where his current path lead many years in the future.

You can use this — it’s called the “Dickens Technique.” If you followed your current path, where would you be in 5 years? In 10 years? In 20 years? I could deal with my knee pain day to day, but I couldn’t imagine years of worsening pain.

If you changed course, and instead of settling for the status quo of current problems, set a course for better aspirations of healing, where would you be? Not just potentially free, but imagine what new things you would do with that freedom, how that would build, in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. That’s what healing is about–a stuck life of continually worsening pain (and it will) vs. an ever-expanding life of freedom.

What’s that worth? What would stand in the way of pursuing a vibrant, healthy life?

Modality-Thinking is Healing as Commodity

Don’t get trapped in “trying things.” Healing is not a crap shoot — and it’s not the modalities (necessarily), but rather the commodity-thinking brought to them.

When I work with someone, first we talk to see what’s going on for them. If it’s something I can help them accomplish, we’ll set up a Discovery/Break-Through Session to really explore deeply what’s at work, what the person’s aspirations and goals might be, what seems to hold them back, what they’ve tried, how it worked. And we identify effective paths forward.

That may or may not involve my services. I’ve sent people to check out physical therapy instead of getting healing sessions, for example. If it does look like we might best work together, we set up a follow-up call to discuss the details.

What we don’t do, ever, is “just try a session.” That isn’t going to help.

To heal, you'll need to make changes. If we’re going to solve this, let’s solve it. And we do that by getting clear (as above), connecting the pieces of what’s worked or would work in a different way along with what’s missing, getting the physical-emotional-mental-spiritual aspects working together in a coherence, demonstrable system (i.e., not just wishing or hoping), along with the changes needed for success.

Usually, that’s a combination of healing sessions and instructional material from self-healing to coherent vibration to meditation and movement for pain reduction.

But if varies from person to person and from circumstance to circumstance. So I don’t know how much making your live immeasurably better as the years go by positively instead of negatively will cost. We will have to explore that together.

I do know that doing one or two pieces of healing on the cheap aren’t going to bring you healing. Healing is a system, a growing, dynamic whole — not a commodity.

Is your goal to invest as little as possible — or is it to heal? I can help you with that healing — but I’m also going to be honest with you about what will and won’t work.

And I don’t offer what I know won’t work. If you’re ready to do this, let’s get you healing.  And once we’re clear on what needs to happen, we can figure out how to make it doable, financially and time-wise.  Otherwise, the tail is wagging the dog.

Wishing you a Life of Vibrant Joy,

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

In healing, don't overlook the obvious

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